Munich "Bierseidel" Go Tournament


The 23rd "Bierseidel" Go tournament will take place on the weekend of Sa. November 02. and So. November 03. of 2019

The location is the former residence of some local nobility. We'll be playing in a highly sophisticated setting in baroque style. The neighbourhood of Moosach is a bit less central with an almost rural touch, but it has excellent public and private transport connections. The subway station is right in front, and nobody needs to worry about parking spaces.

The "Bierseidel" is a class A tournament in the categorisation of the EGF. All games played here will thus be included with full weight to the rating list.
Bavarian Championchip:
The member of the Bavarian Go-Association with the best placement in the Munich tournament wins the Bavarian Championship.

As usual, we reccommend that you register in advance, which helps us in planning accommodations and catering.

Currently, there are 49 players registered.

The Tournament Info page will tell you about the time limits, the pairing system, and most importantly, how to register. This will give you the opportunity to apply for free private accommodation in the homes of friendly Munich Go players. For those who are late, we have some links in Accommodation that will help you in finding a hotel ...

How to get there will guide you to the tournament venue.

If you want to register, or if you have suggestions or complaints, send e-mail to bierseidel@schorsch.com You can also register right here online from our Tournament Info page.

Make printouts from the pages Tournament Info and How to get there and give them to all your friends!

See you in November,
Philip Hiller, Georg Mischler

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