Munich "Bierseidel" Go Tournament


The tournament was a nice success with more than 40 participants. Since our planning had been too late to join the german cup this time, we were worried at first that more players would stay away, but in the end the rows filled up pleasantly. Obviously, Munich is still an attractive place, even if for once you can't earn cup points there!

The final winner was Tomas Kettenring, a player from munich who managed to beat the also local Jonas Fincke in the fourth round, relegating him to the second place. Following were the locals Norbert Jendrusch and Gefei Zhang, with the first guest player Anton Grzeschniok at 5th place.

Many thanks to all who came playing, and helped us to make our tournament an event that we all will remember as being fun. Please come again next year!

1Kettenring, Thomas3dM364+6+8+2+3+5170847½
2Fincke, Jonas4dM3510+3+5+1-4+4171843
3Jendrusch, Norbert3dM347+2-14+5+1-3171836½
4Zhang, Gefei4dM341-17+7+6+2-3171830
5Grzeschniok, Anton3dF349+16+2-3-8+3167834½
6Danzeglocke, Peter3dM3419+1-10+4-15+3166½822½
7Werner, Wolfgang2dM343-13+4-11+9+3166834
8Meemken, Kai1dBT3311+9+1-18+5-3168821
9Haberbosch, Christian2dM335-8-15+13+7-2165826½
10Hanusch, Gerd2dM332-12+6-----1164807½
11Kostka, Hans1dM338-21+12+7-13+3163817
12Kolassa, Stephan1dKN3320+10-11-21+14+3160807½
13Kloß, Kay1dM3215+7-16+9-11-2164815
14Mendez, Roberto1kM3218+19+3-16+12-3162½802½
15Müller, Martin1dB3213-26+9-17+6-2161½809
16Snatzke, Georg1dA3226+5-13-14-20+2159½809½
17Schnabel, Hans1kM3228+4-26+15-22+3156½800
18Czeranski, Jan1kMA3214-28+20+8-25+3156795½
19Gramlich, Bernd1dBT31½6-14-------0156779
20Wünsch, Rainer1dM3112-22-18-23+16-1159783
21Wittigayer, Robert1kM3123+11-22+12-24-2159780½
22Bez, Maria2kA3127+20+21-26+17-3154½782½
23Reiling, Christian1kAib3121-25-24+20-29+2153766
24Erker, Thomas3kDA3129+27+23-28+21+4150767
25Konert, Thomas3kA3131+23+28+27+18-4150760½
26Kassargian, Aarne1dM30½16-15-17-22---0157782
27Mischler, Georg2kM3022-24-29+25-28+2151758½
28Belcastro, Luca1kCom2917-18-25-24-27-0156763½
29Raab, Manfred3kER2924-32+27-31+23-2148739
30Bitzer, Joachim5kM28½--36+33+32-31+3132½660½
31Scheitler, Karl3kED2825-33-32+29-30-1144½705½
32Hofmann, Martin4kUL2834+29-31-30+33-2140½683½
33Kolassa, Norbert6kKN2835+31+30-39+32+4134½624
34Winkler, Poldi6kM2732-37+36-38+39+3124525
35Lachmann, Robert6kM2633---37+--38-1125½562
36Oberhoff, Horst10kSW2237+30-34+40-41-2116504
37Bauer, Franz10kTS2236-34-35-41+40+2108½504½
38Hengst, Roy16kAib1639-40-41+34-35+279469½
39Cairoli, Maria17kCom1538+41+40-33-34-281476½
40Bédat, Patrick20kED1441+38+39+36+37-472451½
41Deließen, Marcel20kED1140-39-38-37-36+167456½


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