Munich "Bierseidel" Go Tournament


The 24rd "Bierseidel" Go tournament will take place on the weekend of Sa. November 28. and So. November 29. of 2020 (new change!).

The Bierseidel goes online!

Due to the well know sanitary restrictions, there is no reasonable way to organize a tournament in the usual format. Therefore we'll switch to an online format on KGS this year. You can play there with a regular (current) web browser. It is more practical tough, to download and use the dedicated desktop client software.

Between rounds, Siang Ji Wang 3p from Taiwan will review games.

The two members of the Bavarian Go-Association with the best placement in the Bierseidel 2020 get nominated as challengers for the Bavarian Championship. They will play live against the current champion and vice champion at a later date. This "mini tournament" will then establish the new Champion 2020.
It is necessary to register in advance.

Currently, there are 19 players registered.

The Tournament Info page will tell you about the time limits, the tournament system.

Please direct inquieries, suggestions or complaints towards bierseidel@schorsch.com.

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