Munich "Bierseidel" Go Tournament

How to get there

On Friday:

Those who indicated in their pre-registration (with contact info!) that they need accommodation already for friday, will be contacted directly about the details.

On Saturday and Sunday:

The tournament site is the
Kultur- und Bürgerhaus Pelkovenschlössl
Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz 2
80992 München
The Pelkovenschlössl (left)

Approach Routes:

Lageplan des Turnierlokals

Munich transport has subway maps and timetables for you online.

Subway line U3
Station "Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz".
Right in front of the door!
Tram line 20
The direct connection from Munich main station (tram stop "Hauptbahnhof Nord" on Dachauer Str.)
Takes 16 min, runs every 10 min. during daylight hours.
Tram stop "Hugo-Tröndle-Straße" on Dachauer Str.
Walk 4 min via. Franz-Fihl-Str.
City Train line S1
Station "Moosach".
One stop with U3 or 10 min by foot
By car from city center
Dachauer-Str. begins right at Munich main station and leads out of the city through Moosach. A short distance before Moosach (right after the tram stop "Hugo-Tröndle-Str.") turn right into Franz-Fihl-Str. About 300 m later you have reached your destination.
Parking is available in Meißener-, Jenaer- und Franz-Fihl-Str.
By car from "Mittlerer Ring"
The Georg-Brauchle-Ring crosses the Dachauer-Str. a short distance west of the Olympic center. Turn in direction Moosach/Dachau there.
Then as above.
By car from "Autobahn ring"
From off-ramp "München-Ludwigsfeld" take the Dachauer-Straße into the city. In Moosach, after passing below the S-Bahn tracks, turn left into the Pelkovenstraße at the crossing. Parking is available in the streets mentioned above, best reached via Leipziger Straße to the right, just after the subway station "Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz".
By car with Navigator
Enter: "Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz". ("St.-Martins-Platz" alone leads to Ramersdorf, at the other end of Munich).


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