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Privacy Policy for www.schorsch.com

This site, www.schorsch.com is owned and operated by Georg Mischler.

The following privacy policy was created in order to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy, and discloses our information gathering and dissemination practises for this web site. This policy is binding for the site owner, as well as for any of his employees and/or subcontractors working on the site, all of which are further referenced to as "we".

Secure Network Data Transfer

We enforce the use of HTTPS for all web connections, so that the communication between your browser and this site is always encrypted. This means that no one can intercept and read or modify your communication with our server. And your browser can show you the certificate (issued by "Let's Encrypt") to prove that the data you received are really coming from us. The only thing an observer snooping on the wire can tell is that you're visiting this domain.

Notable Exception: When you are visiting this site from work, your employer may have instructed your browser to also accept certificates issued by them. This allows the corporate firewall to decrypt your traffic, and re-encrypt it with a "fake" certificate of their own making. The purpose of that is to check that no dangerous data (eg. viruses or troians) enters the corporate network, but at the same time it compromises your privacy. If your browser shows you such a corporate certificate and you want to keep your data traffic with us private from whoever runs the local network, then you need to visit us from some other place (eg. home).

Access Data

We record the connection data and click path information of your visit, in order to serve your page view requests and to secure and improve our web site. The data we collect this way includes the time, client IP address, referer, user agent, and the accessed page of each request, as well as the search terms and parameters when you use the site search feature. This information doesn't normally reveal the identity of a visitor, but it allows to follow the path of each visitor through the site for an individual session.

The resulting data is of primarily statistical value, and will be kept on file permanently. The raw data will never be given to any third party, but we may share anonymized statistical reports generated from it with partners, or the general public.


Most of this web site doesn't use cookies. Exceptions are mentioned in the relevant sections below.

The Online Luminaire Photometric Data Conversion Tool

We offer a free online data conversion tool for your convenience.

Since the data conversion happens on the server, we must store each of your converted files there temporarily. It will be automatically deleted again after a while, typically between two and three days after you uploaded it. Files that fail to convert are deleted immediately. Nobody else will ever see any of your files.

To keep track of which of the files temporarily stored on the server are yours, the software deposits a cookie in your browser identifying your current session. This cookie will automatically expire 48 hours after your last upload. If your cookie has expired, or if you delete it manually before that, then the next upload will generate a fresh one, initiating a new session.

Feedback Form

If you want to communicate with us, then you can either do that by direct e-mail, or you can use the feedback form linked from every page. When doing so, you may provide your name and e-mail address for us to reply to you, but this is not a requirement.

We will treat the information aquired by those methods the same way as if you had sent us a direct e-mail. This means that we will keep your name and address on file, but never give them to anyone else without your permission.

Tell a Friend

You can send a notification about a page on our site to someone else, through our "Tell a Friend" form. To prevent abuse, in this case it is mandatory to provide the name and e-mail address of both you and the recipient. Any use outside of the stated purpose of this tool may be considered abuse.

Please note that, although you can include some short comments of your own in such a message, this is not a private communication channel, as we will also see everything you write. This is necessary for us to prevent abuse, and it also helps us to learn about what people do or don't like about our site. In contrast to the feedback form however, we will purge the names and e-mail addresses from our systems at most four weeks after the message has been sent, and not use them for any other purpose or give them to anyone else.

The only exception to this rule: Data that we may have collected in the context of any abuse of the notification form is excempt from deletion, may be kept and used as evidence indefinitely, and passed on eg. to relevant authorities.

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