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Daylight Redirection Systems

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Daylight Redirection Systems

Daylight redirection has been an important topic in daylighting for quite some time now. As new systems are being developed and improved, the possibilities only become more fascinating!

All the systems shown are covered by a multitude of patents, held by an army of inventors and manufacturers. Please note that this sections comprises a purely informational presentation. We don't produce or sell any of the systems described here.

Exterior Systems

The most effective way to bring daylight into a building (besides opening the roof) are reflecting elements in front of the facade.

Interior Systems

Similar concepts can also work inside the facade, provided that there is enough room. Obviously, the maintenance is much simpler here.

Interior Louver Systems

The traditional concept of louvers for solar protection has recently been combined with many fresh ideas.

Double Glazing Vertical

Many systems exist that are integrated into double glazings, some of which have only been developed recently. This eliminates all maintenance costs, but offers many challenges due to the limited space available.

Double Glazing Horizontal

What works in the facade should be fair enough for skylights. However, the problem to solve there is normally rather the solar protection instead of daylight redirection.
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