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Lighting Design Resources

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Lighting Organisations
Many international and national lighting associations are present on the WWW.

Lighting Directories
Other collections of links related to architectural lighting.

Lighting Resources
Websites and books with lighting related information.

Simulation Resources
Websites and books about lighting simulation and synthetic image generation in general.

What do other people do with Radiance?
The pages linked here show what knowledgeable people have done with Radiance, with or without the help of our additional tools.

Comparisons of Lighting Simulation Software
A number of external pages that compare Radiance based simulations with simulations by other software, and validations of Radiance simulations relative to physical reality.

Home Lighting Resources
Most of this site is targeted at commercial lighting people. But if you just want to find the right light for your home, then we have collected some information for you here.

Fun with Light
Pages that demonstrate light, shadow and other aspects of visual perception in an entertaining way, primarily targeted at children.
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