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Independent Comparisons of Lighting Simulation Software

The links below point to external pages that compare Radiance based simulations with simulations by other software, and validations of Radiance simulations relative to physical reality.

Real and Synthetic Image Comparison and Validation
National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), USA.
Comparison data between real world measurements and synthetical images generated with Radiance, that can also be used to validate other simulation systems.

Assessing the Realism of Computer Generated Images
Research at the Technical University of Graz, Austria.
Comparison of Radiance simulations and CCD measurements in an actual room, unfortunately without presenting any conclusive results online.

Use and Limits of Contemporary Programs for Photorealistic Rendering of Light in Architectural Spaces
Peter Apian-Bennewitz and Kurt Altmann, Freiburg/Karlsruhe, Germany.
A comparison between Lightscape and Radiance that focuses on practical use, photorealistic rendering and quantitative results of daylighting levels.
The actual report is available as PDF file in german language.

Comparison of simulation software
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.
A study trying to determine the realism and accuracy that can be reached by a casual user of Lightscape, Inspirer, and Radiance.

The Next Dimension
Honours Research by Russel Maunder, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.
A comparison between Inspirer, Rayfront and Lightscape, with a focus on working procedures in architectural practises. As with most such comparisons, the results of either program weren't optimized to the extent that would be possible for an expert user. It is rather shown what a user with small to medium experience can reach within a very restricted time frame.

Comparative Evaluation of Daylighting Software Programs
Ubbelohde, S. and Humann, C.
1998 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings Proceedings (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy).
A scientific research paper that compares the accuracy of Lumen Micro, Radiance, Lightscape, and Superlite in a complex daylighting situation.

A Comparative Study of Lighting Simulation Packages Suitable for use in Architectural Design
Geoffrey G. Roy
2000, School of Engineering, Murdoch University, Australia.
This comparative study presents a guide to a range of computer-based simulation packages that are intended to provide an analysis of the lighting conditions in a building. The focus is both on the accuracy and the usability of the packages. (Page also contains other useful material)
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