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Rayfront - The Lighting Design Toolkit

Rayfront is a platform independent toolkit that provides a graphical user interface to the lighting simulation software Radiance. It can be operated as an extension to Autocad or Intellicad, together with the 3Dsolar building modeller, or as a standalone program.

Radiance is the industry standard raytracing engine for physically correct lighting simulations (see comparisons). While Radiance can be downloaded for free from LBNL, only a toolbox such as Rayfront enables people like you and me to use it effectively on desktop computers and in your local network.

This software is designed for the daily needs of the practical lighting designer. Rayfront is equally well applied to electrical lighting and daylighting. It has no limits for geometry size and complexity, but gives you fast and accurate results for small projects as well.

Update to Rayfront 1.0.4

If you are still working with an earlier version of Rayfront, then you want this update! Includes several helpful bug fixes and many Documentation enhancements.

Rayfront User Manual

All the gory details. Check this section for reference and a complete overview of what Rayfront can do for you.

Support Area

Information to help you along when you have difficulties with Rayfront. Includes the support mailing list and it's archives, reports about known issues, and answers to frequently asked questions.
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