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Detailed Specification

Rayfront is a platform independent graphical user interface to the lighting simulation software Radiance. It can be run as an Autocad extension, together with the 3Dsolar building modeller, or as a standalone program.


Rayfront works with the following hard- and software:

You can also use Rayfront together with many other CAD and modelling programs, as it reads all DXF files, and translators for a large number of other data formats are included. Just select the free or commercial geometry modeler of your preference, and there will be a way to use it's output data with Rayfront.

Why Rayfront?

There are many reasons why you might consider our software. Let's just look at a few:

With Rayfront, all those issues are solved!


Rayfront combines the power of the most elaborate lighting simulation and rendering engine with several years of practical use in lighting design in one of the largest consulting engineering offices in Germany.

The development of our software benefits from the expertise of many well respected experts working in educational institutions and in the industry all around the world, which helped to test and improve Rayfront.
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