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Office building lobby

HUK Coburg, Coburg, Germany

Copyright: HL-Technik AG, 1996
Simulation: Georg Mischler
Architects: HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner KG, Munich office


[Daylighting Image]

This hall sits between the two parts of a large office complex, and serves as an entry hall and connection brace. The solar protection louvers (shown partially on the left) are mounted with a little distance to each other, to allow the sun to paint a moving pattern on the floor.

Electrical Lighting

[Electrical Lighting Image]

At night, the visual appearance of the space is turned inside out. The glass walls become dark, while the walls (in a different color in this simulation) are illuminated. The rest of the lighting is positioned locally for effects, and to brighten up the circulation areas.

Exterior Impression

[Exterior Nightly Image]

From the outside, the appearance of the hall is completely transparent, even at night. This is possible through the precisely arranged local lighting, and by opening the sun protection.
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