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ICE Train Station

Airport Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Copyright: HL-Technik AG, 1997
Simulation: Georg Mischler
Architect: BRT Bothe Richter Teherani, Hamburg, Germany

Glass Hall above Opening

[Glass Hall Image]

In the simulation, the elliptycal steel tubes arching over the hall are illuminated by narrow beam luminaires with a band shaped light output distribution, sitting at the end of each of the glass bearing braces. This idea has been dropped because of maintenance problems, since the self cleansing glazing is not constructed for walking on it.

Opening above Platforms

[Vertical Opening Image]

There is an elliptical opening between the platforms and the glass hall on top of the "building" (holding vip lounges). This image, which shows all parts of the station togeter, has over 4000 light sources, all with light output distriubutions applied, and rendered 600 hours on a sparc 20. Even on a 400 MHz computer, this would still take about 200 hours.

Train Platforms

[Platforms Image]

The complete station is over 400 m long. The mock "telescope" cladding of the columns is lit from inside the vaults (some advanced trickery involved to simulate this effect). There is a line of blue light illuminating the glazing structure from below. The uplights near each edge of the platforms are meant to change dynamically when the train enters the station.
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