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Check-In Terminal

Airport Leipzig-Halle, Germany (currently under construction)

Copyright: HL-Technik AG, 1998
Simulation: Georg Mischler
Architect: AP-Brunnert Plan GmbH

The images on this page have been made to verify numerical simulations of the main check in hall (similarly for other areas of the building). Consequently, they only show a highly simplified geometry. They still give a very good impression of the effects of the lighting situation for day and night.

Daylighting Simulation

[Daylighting Image]

The daylight enters through many bands of glass around the edges of the roof segments. This allows for high illuminance levels throughout the space. The ceiling itself is relatively dark.

Electrical Lighting Simulation

[Electrical Lighting Image]

In the night, the ceiling segments are lighted up by floodlights hidden on top of the air supply "mushrooms" and at the lower edge of the window atop the check-in counters. The brightness distribution in the space is completely reversed in comparison to the daylight situation.
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