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Daylight Redirection Systems

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Interior Louver Systems

The traditional concept of interior louvers for solar protection has recently been enhanced with many fresh ideas. While exterior louvers generally are better in reducing the direct solar heat impact, interior systems don't attract nearly as much dirt. Because of this, they can be made with high gloss surfaces, which garantees very effective redirection properties.

Prismatic Acrylic Louvers

For the daylight expert, prismatic panels already count as "traditional". A relatively new development are interior stackable louvers following the same principle. The system needs to precisely follow the solar height to provide good sun protection.

Diagram of interior prismatic louvers

Curved Metallic Louvers

Turn the traditional removeble louver system on its head and give it a high gloss surface. This is probably the daylight redirection system that is simplest to understand and handle.

Diagram of interior curved louvers

Folded Metallic Louvers

Play around with that metal band a little more and you get some additional functionality. This type of louver reflects incident light from high angles while it redirects lower angles. The system that is actually sold has a slightly different shape than the one shown here.

Diagram of interior folded louvers
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