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Daylight Redirection Systems

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Integrated in Horizontal Double Glazing

What works in the facade should be fair enough for skylights. However, the task here is normally rather the solar protection instead of daylight redirection.

Asymmetric Metallic Louvers

As in the vertical variation, integrated asymmetric louvers can keep out incident light from a certain range of angles. Light from other, accepted, directions can enter the room and is partly redirected.

Diagram of integrated asymmetric louvers

Glass or Acrylic Capillaries

In other contexts, this technology is known as "transparent thermal insulation". The effect on light is a relatively diffuse output distribution, with a peak in the surface normal.

Diagram of integrated glass capillaries

Glass Webbing

Glass webbing is sometimes combined with the system above, and provides for a complete diffuse transmission. Depending on the thickness of the webbing, the transmission factor of the system can be controlled in a fine grained manner.

Diagram of integrated glass webbing
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