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Luminous Flux Density
Luminous Exitance

Illumination is a deprecated term for Illuminance.
Luminous emittance is a deprecated term for Luminous Exitance.

(Terms of photometry)

Luminous flux density is photometrically weighted radiant flux density, which means luminous flux per unit area at a point on a surface where the surface can be real or imaginary. An imaginary surface can for example be used to measure or calculate illuminance anywhere in space, maybe to determine the daylight factor on the workplane.

There are two cases:


luminous flux
luminous intensity
radiant exitance
radiant flux density
English    German
luminous flux density    Die Lichtstromdichte
illuminance    Die Beleuchtungsstärke
luminous exitance    Die spezifische Lichtausstrahlung
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