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Lighting Design
Electrical Lighting

The art and craft of creating the visual environment by means of illuminating it.

There are two general fields of lighting design:

This means all measures that influence the input and use of natural daylight, be it the diffuse light off the clear or overcast sky or the directed light of the sun, into built spaces. Daylighting is influenced by the general structure of a building, the design of facades, windows and skylights, and can be further extended by the use of special devices for redirecting or transporting light.
Electrical lighting
This is sometimes a misnomer, as it ignores the many cities that are still illuminated by gas lamps. Generally speaking it covers all measures to illuminate spaces inside and outside of buildings with the help of technical light sources, either in combination with or in absence of natural daylight.


clear sky
overcast sky
English    German
lighting design    Die Lichtplanung
daylighting    Die Tageslichtplanung
electrical lighting
artificial lighting
   Das Kunstlicht
Die Kunstlichtplanung
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