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Antimater Material Type

Antimatter is a material that can "subtract" volumes from other volumes. A ray passing into an antimatter object becomes blind to surfaces of the specified reference object. This can be used to cut holes out of objects but only works well in simple situations.


[antimater editing dialog]

Reference Object:
This is the object where any object with this material will cut holes through. Both objects must be composed of surfaces that form topologically closed volumes. The side walls of the hole (where the ray would leave the hole within the target object volume) take the material and modifiers of the target object.

Antimatter does not work properly with objects of the type trans, and multiple antimatter surfaces should be disjoint. The viewpoint must be outside all volumes concerned for a correct simulation. If an antimatter is applied to its own reference object, then that object will be completely invisible.

Rayfront restricts the antimatter material to work with only one target object and holes with invisible side walls are not supported.

Note that in contrast to most other materials and modifiers, an antimatter definition will not be globally visible to the project, but exists seperately for each variation where it was defined.


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