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Select Location

This dialog lets you select a location from an internal database, which will then be inserted into the location properties dialog together with it's longitude, latitude and zimezone.

[Select Location Dialog]

Selection Criteria

Several lists allow to hierarchically search for a loction based on continent, country, and in some cases an administrative unit.

The selection of one of the world regions Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania will display the countries from that region in the listbox below. For practical reasons, the categorization is not exactly following the geographical definition of the continents. Russia is listed with Europe rather than Asia, to account for the majority of it's population. The countries of the middle east and Turkey are listed with Asia. Australia and New Zealand are listed with "Oceania", together with all pacific islands.

When you select a country from this list, then one of two things will happen. For countries with many listed locations, the states, provinces, or other subnational units will be displayed in the listbox below, where you can further refine your search. For all other countries, the known locations of that conutry will be displayed in the listbox to the right.

Administrative Unit:
If this listbox contains any names of states, provinces, or other subnational units, then selecting one of those will display all the known locations of that area in the listbox to the right.

This listbox displays the known locations of the selected country and administrative unit, together with the values for it's latitude, longitude, and timezone. Selecting one of those entries will activate the "Ok" button of the dialog, so you can accept the selection for use in the location properties dialog.


This database is included for convenience only. Although we believe that the sources we have been consulting when compling this data are reasonably reliable and up-to-date, we are unable to garantee the correctness of any single record. It is in the responsibility of the user to check the results of any search for plausibility and possible errors.

It goes with the nature of this type of data, that especially the timezone of some locations varies with time, either due to changes of political association, or, more commonly, due to the application of daylight saving time regulations. We have tried to list the known timezone values for standard winter time at the time of compilation. Please make the necessary modifications to the result of your search when you need values based on daylight saving time or any other timezone modification.

Political control over some of the locations listed in this datbases is sometimes disputed between the govnerments of several countries, or other organisations. We are listing each location with the country that, as far as we are aware of, has de-facto control over that location at the time of compliation. Such a listing does not imply a statement of either agreement or disagreement with the existing political situation for that location.

Even if a location should be listed with the "wrong" country, this will generally have no influence over the geographic coordinates of that location. The only thing that counts in our context is that the users of this software are able to find the listing for each location with reasonable effort.


Ok - accept the selected location and close the dialog.

Cancel - discard the entered values and close the dialog.

Help... - display this information.


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