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Creating Luminaire Databases

This dialog collects the necessary information so that Rayfront can create a collection database for luminaire descriptions. The database file will be created in the "library/lumdb" subdirectory of the installation directory, and will fail if the current user has no write permission in that directory.

[Luminaire Database Creation Dialog]

Collection Name:
This is the name that will identify the new collection on the database selection page of the luminaire import dialog. If a collection of the same name already exists, then the program will ask for confirmation later, before creating it and overwriting the previous one.

The collection will index files in the directory specified here. Note that those files are still needed after indexing, as the collection database only contains a mapping of luminaire names and numbers to file names. If you select a luminaire in one of the lists of the database selection page, then Rayfront will read the original file again to display it's contents. Only after importing a file from the database into the project are it's contents independent from external sources.

The collection will index all files in the directory above, if their file name extension matches the string entered here. You can use shell type wildcard characters here, such as the "?" to specify one arbitrary character, or the "*" to specify zero or more arbitrary characters. An entry of ".*" will index all files in the specified directory.

Select Example File...
This button invokes a file open dialog to select an example file from your file system. The file name extension of that file and the directory where it is located will then be filled in automatically into the appropriate fields above.


Ok - use the entered values and close attempt to build the requested collection database. The message bar in the dialog will display progress information during indexing. If the index file has been created successfully, the dialog will close. If there are any errors that prevent the file from being created, an error message will be displayed and the dialog stays open.

Cancel - discard the entered values and close the dialog.

Help... - display this information.


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