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Light Distribution Diagram

This page serves as a graphical display of the output distribution of the luminaire currently selected on the database page. This helps you select the right luminaire from your database collections.

There is currently no direct way to display this diagram for a luminaire that has already been imported to the project, other than to search for it again in the collection where it was imported from.

[Light Distribution Diagram]

C ##
Unless the output distribution is rotationally symmetric, there will be a number of buttons in the top left area of the page. Those buttons represent the C planes that are available in the data set. You can press any of them and the large diagram will show the outline of the distribution at the respective angle, in candela per 1000 lumen lamp output.

The small diagram below the buttons shows the shape of the luminaire in the horizontal plane, and the relative position of the selected C-plane.


Done - close the dialog.

Help... - display this information.


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