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Text Mixture Type


mixtext is a procedurally defined color mixture, that uses writes text on a surface by applying two different modifiers to it inside and outside of the text characters.

The foreground and background mofidiers are assigned per object in the object list of the material assignment dialog.

[Mixtext Parameters Dialog]

Start Point:
The reference point of the text. This is the top left corner of the field where the text should appear, in world coordinates.

Right Vector:
Down Vector:
The orientation of the text. The text lines are layed out so that they follow the right vector, and the text column follows the down vector. The absolute and relative sizes of those two vectors determines character size, orientation, aspect ratio, and slant.

The formatting of multi line text.

None (Monospaced)   A uniform character spacing algorithm is used that garantees every character will appear in a precisely determined position.
Left   A proportional character spacing algorithm is used, that preserves right margins and indentation.
Block   A proportional character spacing algorithm is used, but the word placement is adjusted to fill the available horizontal space.

This selection is only available when one of the Left or Block Alignment options is selected. It modifies the character spacing in the range of Very Narrow, Narrow, Normal, Wide, and Very Wide.

Font File:
Selects the font for the text. Radiance includes the fonts "helvet" (a common non-serif font) and hexbit4x1 (a monospaced font).

Text File:
The file to read the text from. If "-- no file --" is selected, then one line of text must be given in the next field.
This button starts a file open dialog to select an external text file. This file is then copied into the project and will be available for selection.

Text Line:
This entry field is only active if "-- no file --" is selected as a text file. The text entered here will be used instead of text taken from a file.


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