Rayfront 1.0 User Manual

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The Object List

List Display

The modifier list shows the modifiers available in the project, one category at a time. The drop down selection on top of the list determines the listed type out of materials, patterns, textures, and mixtures.

[Screenshot of the modifier list]

Modifier Editing

The buttons below the list offer to manipulate the selected modifier. Note that modifiers are global to the project, so that any changes that you make here will may also have effects in other variations than the current one.

Import modifiers from the system library. The library is organized in "collections" for each class of modifiers. The selection dialog lists the available collections, and the modifiers within the selected collection. You can select several modifiers from different collections and import them together in one operation.

Write the definition of the currently selected modifier to the system library. You can select the collection where you want to store the modifier, or create a new one.

Remove the currently selected modifier definition from the project, after a request for confirmation.

Start the editing dialog for the currently selected modifier.

Create a new modifier. You can specify the type and name of the new modifier, after which it's editing dialog will open automatically.

Make a copy of the currently selected modifier under a different name. The editing dialog for the new modifier will then open automatically.


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