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Pixel Related Parameters

The parameters in this section only have meaning in simulations that result in an image, and will be ignored for numeric output. Note that, formally, the options "Pixel Aspect Ratio" and "Pixel Sample Jitter" from the "Other Settings" area also belong into this section.

Pixel Sample Spacing

This specifies the sample spacing (in pixels) for adaptive subdivision on the image plane.

Pixel Sample Threshold

If two samples differ by more than this amount, a third sample is taken between them.

Pixel Aspect Ratio

This option is set with the Other Settings in the the Simulation Settings dialog.
Sets the pixel aspect ratio (height over width) to this value. Either the x or the y resolution will be reduced so that the pixels have this ratio for the specified view. If no value is set, then the x and y resolutions will adhere to the given maxima. This option is mainly of historical interest, since nowadays virtually all image displays use square pixels.

Pixel Sample Jitter

This option is set with the Other Settings in the the Simulation Settings dialog.
Distributed ray-tracing performs anti-aliasing by randomly sampling over pixels. A value of one will randomly distribute samples over full pixels. A value of zero samples pixel centers only. A value between zero and one is usually best for low resolution images. If nothing is set here, then the default of 0.67 is used.


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