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Editing Function Files

[Preferences Dialog]

Text Editor:
The text editor configured here will be used for editing function files in procedural modifier editing dialogs. The editor will be invoked with the file name as the only argument appended to the entry here.

In most cases, it will be useful to select an editor that can handle text files in unix and Windows line end convention. It is also important that the editor doesn't switch to background mode automatically, or Rayfront will assume that it exited in that case, and stop checking for file changes.

This configuration is seperate for each platform, and uses the following defaults:

Windows wordpad
Linux gvim -f
Solaris textedit
Irix jot


Ok - use the entered values and close the dialog.

Cancel - discard the entered values and close the dialog.

Revert - discard the entered values and reset all fields to the values they had when the dialog opened.

Help... - display this information.


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