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Preprocess Parameter Settings

This dialog is only available when one or several objects in the variation are set up to be preprocessed before the actual simulation. Most of the time this will be some glass surfaces, especially windows, that are treated by the mkillum(1) program, or some other plug-in module like mktis.

The parameters configured here are a subset of the ones found in the main simulation parameter setup dialog (without the pixel based settings), and have exactly the same meaning as there. The only difference is that they are used in this earlier stage of processing instead of in the main simulation. Note that configuring objects for preprocessing is an advanced feature of Rayfront, and should be used with care and consideration.

[Preprocess Parameter Settings Dialog]


This column shows you the preprocessing parameters that Rayfront uses when you don't set anything else.

The meaning of the parameters is explained in the next section.

Override Parameters

If you have special requirements for your simulation that aren't met by the default parameters then you can override any of those values here. It is important that you know what you are doing if you decide to do so.

Diffuse Indirect Calculation Parameters

The parameters in this section specify the simulation behaviour for light that is bounced around in the scene diffusely. This is the most complicated part of the calculation, so there are quite a number of parameters that can be set.

Direct Calculation Parameters

The parameters in this section specify the simulation behaviour for light that is transmitted directly between a light source and the current surface. In most cases, this will change how shadows casted by other objects between this source and surface will appear in images.

Other Parameters

Some more details used mainly for finetuning optimisations in the simulation process.


Ok - use the entered values and close the dialog.

Cancel - discard the entered values and close the dialog.

Revert - discard the entered values and reset all fields to the values they had when the dialog opened.

Help... - display this information.


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