Rayfront 1.0 User Manual

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The Project

Project Structure

A project in Rayfront is basically just a directory, holding a number of subdirectories and files.

Within this directory, the structure is like follows:

  rayfront.cfg  # internal project configuration data
  materials.dfm # material definitions
  function/     # data for procedural primitives
  scene/        # geometry data ("objects")
  parts/        # substitution targets
  skies/        # sky definition files
  views/        # view definition files

  <var>.rif     # "variation"
  <var>.rad     # 

  images/       # image output data
  numeric/      # numeric output data

  octrees/      # octree files
  illum/        # mkillum(1) data and config
  mktis/        # mktis data and config
  logfiles/     # log files
  ambfiles/     # ambient files

  proc/         # process management data

The files in the first group ("rayfront.cfg", "materials.dfm" and everything in the directories "function", "scene", "parts", "skies" and "views") contain data that is global to the project.

Although Rayfront only allows modification of any data while editing a specific variation, any other variation that uses the same information will see the changes you make to it.

A variation is defined by each a *.rif and a *.rad file in the project directory, and defines a subset of the data available in the project.


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