Rayfront 1.0 User Manual

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System Requirements

Supported Plattforms

Rayfront is designed to run on allmost any unix system or Microsoft Windows systems of the NT family. Rayfront 1.0 includes binaries for the following platforms:

x86 (PC)   Windows NT (service pack 3 or newer)
x86 (PC)   Windows 2000
x86 (PC)   Linux (kernel 2.2/glibc 2 or newer)
Sparc   Solaris 2
Mips   Irix 6 (32 and 64 bit systems)

We have reports that Rayfront also works with consumer versions of Windows (Windows98, WindowsME), although we are not able to actively support those. Please note that some versions of Windows98 have bugs that prevent Rayfront from working correctly (affecting the popen() system function, among other things). If you suspect this to be the case for your system, it may help to upgrade to the latest system software release and to install all available service packs.

Hardware Requirements

We recommend to use at least a Pentium class computer with 300 MHz or faster (or a comparable CPU for unix systems). You may manage to start the program with 32 MB of RAM, but you might not be able to run any useful simulations with less than 64 MB. If you want to run some other software like Autocad/Intellicad at the same time, then you probably need at least 128 MB. As a general rule, more RAM is always better for your system.

Disk Space for Installation

The basic installation with executables for one platform takes up to 25 MB of disk space. Executables for each additional platform will require up to 15 MB of storage on top of that.

Disk Space for Simulations

When running simulations, the disk space required for the project data will vary strongly with scene complexity. There are several different components of a simulation that will require disk space:


User Manual Overview

Installing on Unix Systems
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