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Converting Picture Files

The image conversion window allows you to view a picture, adjust it's contrast and brightness, and then to store it in a number of different file formats. All changes will first affect the small thumbnail image on top of the tools area, so that you don't have to wait until a large image updates it's display.

[Converting Picture Files]

View Settings

Color / Greyscale
Set the color mode of the picture.

Display Gamma:
Set the gamma of the target display device. This determines the contrast of the resulting image.

Exposure Correction:
Apply a correction factor to the image exposure as found in the picture file. This determines the brightness of the resulting image. For efficiency reasons, only a limited number of correction steps are possible.
Auto / Manual
Set the exposure mode. If set to "Auto", the exposure of the picture will be determined automatically, and the exposure selector is disabled. If set to "Manual", the exposure will is taken from the selector.

Apply to Image
Apply the settings of the thumbnail to the full size image to the right.

Get from Image
Reset the settings and the thumbnail to the values of the full size image.

Reset to Defaults:
Set the thumbnail settings back to defaults. Those are color, gamma 2.2, and exposure correction 0.

Open Image...
Load another picture file from disk.

Save as...
Store the picture in one of the following file formats:


Done - Close the dialog.

Help... - display this information.


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