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Process Status Display

The process status display window shows all information about currently or previously running processes. It is possible to open such a window for every entry in the process list, and the windows may stay open while doing other work with Rayfront. If the main Rayfront dialog is closed, then all the still open process status windows will be closed as well.

Process Status:

This page displays a table of status related values about the process. The table is dynamically updated whenever the status of the associated process changes, together with the entry in the process list. After such an update, the entries that have changed will be displayed in red color, to make spotting the differences easier.

[Process Status Window]

Possible elements of this table are:

The variation within the current project.

The used view for images or the measuring field for numerical simulations.

Simulation Type:
The type of simulation. Possible values are:

 rpict Batch image renderings
 rview Preview image renderings
 numeric Numerical renderings

The DNS name of the machine where the simulation is or was running.

The type of the machine where the simulation is or was running. Possible values are:

 posix Unix based systems
 nt Windows based systems

The process ID of the simulation.

Subprocess PID:
The process ID of the last subprocess running within the simulation.

The ID of the user that started the simulation. This field is not currently used.

Start Time:
The time when the simulation was started. This field is constant during a running simulation, but gets reset when the simulation is restarted.

Last Updated:
The time when the process status of the simulation was last updated.

Command Line:
The command line of the last subprocess started within the simulation.

The options that were used for the command line as described above. When this field is used, then the "Command line:" field will have an "<options>" field, which represents it.

The current status of the simulation. Possible values are:

 running The simulation is currently active
 scheduled The simulation is waiting for an external condition to become true before it can start
 finished The simulation was successfull
 failed the simulation has encountered an error
 unknown The system tried to terminate the simulation but could not find it's process
 terminated The simulation has been terminated on request by the user before completion
 suspended The simulation is still running, but currently set on hold on request by the user. This is only possible for simulation running on unix based systems

This field contains more information for failed simulations, eg.: the command line of the last subprocess, the return value of the last subprocess, and at most the last three lines of output that the last subprocess wrote to stdout.

The file where the log for the simulation is or was written to.

Simulation Mode:
This field is not currently used for status display.

Waiting for:
The condition that a scheduled simulation is waiting for. This is normally another simulation that is building the octrees for the same variation.

Process Log:

This page displays approximately the last 10 KB of the log that the associated processes have written about the simulation in process. Most distinct log entries will have a time stamp printed in bold face. The display is continuously updated as the simulation process writes to the log file.

[Process Log Window]


Ok - close the dialog.

Help... - display this information.


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