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Function Texture Type


A texfunc is a procedurally defined perturbation of the surface normal, defined by a function. The values of the X, Y, and Z perturbation expressions are added to the X, Y, and Z components of the original normal vector.

[Texfunc Parameters Dialog]

Function File:
This pop-up list offers all function files known to the system for selection. If a file is active, then the variables in that file can be selected for one or several of the vector coordinates. Otherwise, the coordinates must be entered as expressions.
Start the text editor that was configured in the project preferences to edit the function file.
Create a new function file, and start the text editor to edit it.

Perturbation X/Y/Z:
The values that shift the normal vector in each coordinate direction. Those can either be selected from the variables in the function file as selected above, or they may be entered as expressions. An expression can contain numeric values, operators and all functions and variables known to the material. If an expression is not valid, then the entry field will have a red background, and the message bar at the bottom of the dialog will show a diagnostic message.

Real Arguments
Rayfront will check the selected function file to decide how many real arguments the material definition should supply. If this number is greater than the mandatory arguments specifying the basic properties, then the expected number of entry fields in the list is made available. Supplying those arguments is optional, but failing to do so may result in runtime errors when the selected function relies on a specific argument which is not set.

The Transformation page of the dialog can be used to transform the vector, possibly to bring it in alignment with the geometry of the surface the texture modifies.


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