Rayfront 1.0 User Manual

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Modifier Transformation


The effects of most procedural materials, modifiers and mixtures can depend on exact locations in space. To make definitions simpler, it is possible to give those modifiers a transformation, where the basic definition can be scaled, moved, rotated, and mirrored until it has its effect at exactly the right place.

Rayfront can handle up to 8 transformations for each modifier, which will take effect in the sequence of their numbering. Steps that are left empty will be removed when closing the dialog.

[Transformation Parameters Dialog]

The modifier definition is moved by the given values in X, Y, and Z direction, relative to world coordinates.

The modifier definition is scaled by this value.

Rotate X
Rotate Y
Rotate Z
The modifier definition is rotated by this angle in degrees around the X, Y, or Z axis through the coordinate system origin, relative to world coordinates.

Mirror X
Mirror Y
Mirror Z
The modifier definition is mirrored along the X, Y, or Z axis (over the cardinal plane normal to that axis), relative to world coordinates.


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